You “Moooo”ve Me

You Moooove Me

My Brothers and Sisters in BBQ, I want to introduce you to my go to rub. I’m sure you have seen by now that so many BBQ’rs have their own spice blend that they use on almost everything. Some call it “SPG” (Salt/Pepper/Garlic) or “AP” (All Purpose) or “Need It.” Here at the Boogie Woogie it is “You Moooove Me.”

It didn’t start out as my go to for everything rub. Originally it was what I put together and tested (over and over) for BBQ Brisket, and is to this day the only rub I will consider for a Brisket. But after much research and reading and YouTube watching, I learned that many of the Spices that are used in my You Moooove Me, were being used on many other meats for grilling as well. So I willingly began to experiment. First was Steak, and it blew my friends away. Then Pork Chops, again, my family and friends couldn’t get enough of it. Next, it was added to Vegetables and it just gave them an added dimension that made them perfect, and I hate vegetables. Soon people were asking me to mix some up for them, and they kept coming back!! I even sold quite a few bottles at my roadside stand.

So now I offer 8 ounce bottles of “You Moooove Me” in my online store and also on Ebay.  I know that if you try this on Steaks or Chops you will be a repeat customer.  Follow the link below to my You Tube video for more detail on how I use You Moooove Me to turn out great BBQ and Grilling.


“Get Some Boogie Woogie in YA!!”

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