Propane. You Can’t Be Serious.

If you are a true Pitmaster, then you are well aware that propane should only be used to start your fire. When I see a friend of mine boasting about his new propane grill, all I can think is “that poor family.” I know the arguments. Gas is fast, there is less clean up, I can control heat zones easier, I can buy any accessory that will allow me to do anything you can do with a charcoal/wood grill or a smoker. When I hear these excuses I get a vision of Captain James Tiberius Kirk in my mind saying “At ………….What ………….Cost?” Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Gas Is Fast – BBQ/Grilling is not a race. It is a journey to deliciousness. If you don’t have the time, run down to Mickey D’s. Would you tell your Surgeon, “Hey Doc, I am more than willing to sacrifice quality for speed. Let’s get this going, Chop Chop.” Honestly what does it take, 10 maybe 15 minutes longer? Afraid you are going to miss that Seinfeld re-run? Look, grab a beverage and teach your family quality is worth the wait.
  2. Less to clean up – Seriously, putting spent ash in a container is overwhelming to you? Are you the kind of person who has to take a nap after you brush your teeth? Never been called a go-getter have you? I’m guessing you don’t fold your laundry do you? A true Pitmaster knows the quality outweighs shoveling a little ash.
  3. Better Control of Heat Zones – Your lack of practice and skills should not be confused with a valid argument. Ever heard of indirect grilling? Learn it, love it, live it, gas man.
  4. I can buy accessories … – Why buy expensive gadgets so you can do something, “just as good as.” Especially when you figure in that a gas grill costs more than a charcoal/wood grill. Are you really willing to clutter your life with idiotic gadgets that only add to the overall cost of a gas grill just so you can do something “just as good” as a charcoal/wood grill?

The bottom line in all of this is that charcoal/wood grilling is the best you can ever have. The flavor is unmistakable in seafood, beef, pork, chicken, or anything. When you know your equipment, and learn the basic skills, you will consistently put out food that will be amazing.

Follow the link below to see a YouTube video that I put out a few years ago.

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