The Boogie Woogie

The Little Baby Bill

The Journey of
"Pitmaster Bill"

Born into a hardworking “oil field” family in Northwestern Pennsylvania, the “Little Baby Bill” was  different than most.  It seemed like from day one he knew what would be important to him in the future.  He even foresaw the band “Led Zeppelin” years before they formed. 

In just a few short years the biker lifestyle was embraced by the young Bill.  Freedom, loyalty, good times, good music, and good food were a perfect fit for the growing young man.  

Then came the defining day.  Boy Meets Grill.  Fascinated by the flavors and styles he could create he had a new passion.  He knew then that he would dedicate his life to “Bikes, Booze, and BBQ.”

Ok  Truth time.  Most of what you read above is Bullsh@t

I’m just an average biker guy who loves BBQ.  I spent 30+ years in the Gas and Oil Fields until my eye sight got too bad to be a “Roughneck” anymore.  For a little while I ran a welding shop where I built BBQ Smokers and Grills.  The ones I use in my video’s were built by me.  As my eyesight got worse, I opened a roadside BBQ stand and I loved running it.  I enjoyed the people, made many new friends, and took pride in the compliments they gave me.  

Eventually, a disease called Stargardt’s took most of my vision, and I am considered “Legally Blind.”  I have been forced to give up many things that I enjoyed, but BBQ will not be one of them.  BBQ has been a life long learning experience.  I have spent years using and testing my rubs, trying different techniques of cooking, and using different hardwoods and charcoal combinations.  I truly feel that if you take advantage of what I am offering you here, you will put out consistently great BBQ, and you will be a true “Pitmaster.”    

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Here is what you do, put on some Little Richard, grab your favorite beverage and follow any of the links on this page to start your journey to Deliciousness.  Have a laugh, lighten up a bit and “Get ya Some”